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Add-ons to boards

Add-ons to boards
Tovar v kategorií
Centropen markers 8859 (8559) - a four colour set
White coats, accessories in the colour of ink.
Centropen markers 2709 (thin - a four colour set)
Designed for writing and drawing on special white enamel boards.
Edding markers 360 (a four colour set)
Pigment ink without addition of butyl acetate, it can be wiped in dry state from almost all smooth surfaces (as enamel, glass, melamine).
Flipchart marker for saving paper 8850 (a four colour set)
Marker is designed for writing on a paper, especially on flipchart paper boards.
Mantab rib
Simple soft foam rib sewed in textile. Washable.
Skolex Special rib
Solid handgrip, velcro fixed soft cloth in the bottom part. Optional cloth changing. Accessories: changeable cloths.
Plastic Magnetic rib
Plastic handle with magnet and changeable soft rag. Attachment of the rag is using velcro.
Changeable rugs (10 pieces set)
Changeable rugs Alliance (10 pcs. set)
Rugs for plastic magnetic rib.
Liquid cleaner 0,25l
Designed for careful cleaning of white board. Mechanic spreader (not aerosol).
Colour magnets (a six piece set)
Durable ceramic magnets with coloured plastic cover (various colours). Diameter of plastic cover is 28 mm.
Paper block flipchart PB 20
20-sheets paper block with holes for attachments to the flipchart board with 50, 44, 30 cm spacing.
Paper block flipchart PB 20 screening
Paper block (20 sheets, 65x100cm) with perforated holes for gripping block
Push pins (30 pcs. package)
Pins with large plastic head. Various colours.
Laser pointer
Laser class II. Diameter of red laser point is 4 mm. The range is 100 m. It comes with batteries and casing.
Magnetic holder for markers (for 4 markers)
Magnetic holder for 4 markers. Makes order on your board.
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