Slovak manufacturer of school, office furniture and boards

ŠKOLEX ® is a Slovak manufactural company mainly dealing with development, manufacture and distribution of school and office furniture. It also manufactures school and office boards, sells and rents projective equipment.

We are even able to satisfy the most demanding customers by a great variety and high quality of our manufactured assortment.

Certificates of our products is a matter of course.

Our goal is to be a serious partner when schools, training centres and offices are about to be established.

The things we are better at...

Our products

School chairs:

To anchor the seats and backrests to the metal construction we use steel clenches of a 5 mm diameter which provides higher chair durability.


Chair seats are varnished on both sides which ensures that moisture is not absorbed and the ply does not crack.

Most of competitive products:

School chairs:

To anchor the seats and backrests to the metal construction they use aluminium clenches of a 4 mm diameter – the seats and backrests become unstable after a short period because of the aluminium softness.


Seats and backrest are varnished just from one side.

School tables:

To anchor the table plates to metal construction we use a combination of steel bolt nult of a 12 mm diameter/M6 thread, which is pressed-in and sticked-over into table board => higher table durability.


We use 3 kinds of table plates:

1. Standard – laminated plywood boards, 18 mm depth, 2 mm ABS edge of 2 mm radius.

2. Table board BISON – laminated plywood board, 22 mm depth, with die-casted PUR edge (it is undetachable) with rounded edges and 20 mm radius. The edges have increased resistance to abrasion. Suitable for children in schools.

3. Table board BOND – plywood board, 19 mm depth rounded edges of R 15 mm, with sticked Umacart board with higher wear resistance, resistant to writing. It is resistant to collision, water, chemicals, spots. Undetachable edge made of varnished beech massive of 50mm radius. The highest-quality desks on the market!

School tables:

To anchor the table plates to metal construction they use drive screws of a 4 mm diameter – it is not strong enough to hold the desk in a stable position after a short period of time.


1. Laminated plywood boards, 18 mm depth with 2 mm ABS edge of 2 mm radius. Some companies just deliver desks with 0,5 mm plastic edges which are very prone to be damaged. The edges are very sharp.

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